Privacy Policy

We value your privacy

Article 1:

JEU (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) is entitled to make (moving) images of (parts of) Visitors and to multiply these images and to make them public using resources/media available to the Organization as well as to grant third parties permission for such disclosure and / or reproduction.

This includes the (moving) images of the security cameras in the context of maintaining public order and safety in and around our premises.

Article 2:

By entering the site on which the Organization is established, the Visitor declares himself to be eternally, irrevocably and unconditionally in agreement with;

  1. Recordings and / or (re)use of his/her name, voice, portrait and / or image by means of live or recorded audio, pictures or video and broadcasting / distributing of this via current or future technologies.
  2. Publication or multiplying of his/her portrait and body characteristics by the Organization of by a third party designated by the Organization, in which the Visitor explicitly waives its right to oppose such publication, regardless of the medium or context or the commentary by which it takes place. Neither the Organization nor and third party to whom the Organization has given permission for such a disclosure and / or multiplication owes any compensation to the Visitor in this regard.

Article 3:

Data provided by the Visitor during reservations, by telephone or online, will be documented by JEU in our database. This data will be kept for 5 years in the archive of the Organization.

Jeu De Boules Bar Privacy Policy